Central South Island

Central South Island allows you to explore untraditional tourist routes that still maintain appealing natural beauty and attractions. Visit the main regional towns of Timaru, Geraldine, Pleasant Point, Temuka and Waimate District. It offers botanical gardens, beaches, adventure sports, museums, heritage trials, shopping, tours and more.

Majority of the people here can speak english, young and old people in the central south island still push themselves to further improve their english. Learn English in New Zealand is out their for people with having english as a second language, centers and teaching schools are out there to help them.

The towns possess their own unique splendor but the most obvious connection is the characteristics of classically beautiful architecture set amongst a diversity of striking landscape. They are within driving distance to the main cities of South Island so it is easy to visit.

Timaru is blessed with an exceptional scenery collaboration of dramatic mountain Alps and ocean views. Although preserving its historical heritage it also welcomes a contemporary lifestyle with its eateries, carnivals and shops. The most enticing attractions of Timaru are:

  • The Timaru Botanic gardens that have New Zealand 's largest collection of roses
  • The Aigantighe Art Gallery that has one of the best collections of New Zealand art
  • Touring the brewery
  • Visiting the South Canterbury Museum
  • Doing an adventure sport such as rock climbing or mountain bike riding
  • Taking a dolphin cruise

Geraldine is renowned for its breathtaking landscape and residents' passion for creating vibrant gardens to further compliment the town's natural beauty. Just a few minutes away is Peel Forest that boasts superb alpine scenery that was used as a location for the movie Lord of the Rings. It is suggested to:

  • Visit the Geraldine Vintage Car and Machinery Museum that has the only 1929 Spartan Biplane
  • Visit the The Giant Jersey to see the world's largest jumper
  • Eat some cheese at Talbot Forest Cheese in the Berry Barn Complex
  • Visit the Belanger Taylor Art Glass Studio

Originally an outstation that slowly grew a typically small and friendly town, Pleasant Point is truly quite a pleasant place to stay. With a treasured handful of attractions and activities, it is recommended to:

  • Visit the town's museum and see it's range of historic forms of transport, including the world's only Ford Model T railcar
  • Visit the vineyard
  • Visit the 16 th century Maori Rock Art site

Early European settlers planned garden landscaping in the town of Temuka , resulting in a serene sanctuary of blossoming trees and flowers. It is the perfect place for activities and relaxation with endless opportunities thanks to the numerous rivers, Alps and open spaces.

  • Go to the Temuka Homeware Shop
  • Visit the Richard Pearse Monument
  • Do something adventurous like horse riding along the beach or mountain bike riding

With old historical buildings lining the main street further complimented by charming trees, Waimate District is a mostly an agriculture town that offers tranquility and leisure. A close-knitted community town that strives to better itself and its residents, it welcomes anybody with open arms. The most alluring attractions are:

  • Visit Whitehorse Lookout
  • Visit Knottingley Park to see exotic trees
  • Visit Waimate Historical Museum
  • Visit Waimate Knitwear Factory Shop
  • Visit EnkledooVery Korna, a wallaby enclosure