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South Island Accomodation

The South Island of New Zealand, also known by the Maoris as Te Wai Pounamu or Water of Greenstone, is a place of spectacular scenery. There is a wide range of activities to do and diverse places to stay, to suit whatever your budget or lifestyle.

The South Island has accommodation ranging from cottages, backpacker hostels, bed and breakfasts, holiday parks, luxury lodges, and hotels to home-hosted stays on farms.

Because there are so many choices, you don't have to worry about your budget to experience life-changing adventure. Another option for accommodation on The South Island is to rent or buy timeshares here. Once you've visited, you'll want to spend future holidays in New Zealand – and a timeshare is a fabulous way to secure a South Island home away from home!

Tourist Attractions

If you're looking for breath taking scenery, amazing attractions and fun activities for your New Zealand holidays, South Island is the place to be! With an incredible diversity of landscape, you are able to experience nature at its best. Have the time of your life white water rafting in Buller River, sky diving with New Zealand Sky Dive; visiting the world's only Southern Royal Albatross colony in Dunedin, having helicopter rides over Lake Wanaka and the Canterbury plains, cycling through Marlborough Select Single Track, whale watching in Kaikoura, visiting Maori sites in Nelson, visiting the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch or simply relaxing and rejuvenating at the Aspects Day Spa in Queenstown. Whatever you're interested in; South Island is well equipped to satisfy. Remember though the South Island is a adventurers playground. Be sure to come with travel insurance.

Come and visit South Island to bring balance back into your life - quench your thirst for adventure, invigorate your soul, enjoy impressive meals, get in touch with nature, learn about Maori culture and leave with a lifetime of cherished memories. Finding Cheap hotels would be a bonus as there many activities that this beautiful Country has to offer. Try to find the best and place that suits you for cheap and reasonable prices.


New Zealand is one of the best countries in the world for doing business – it’s been officially proven. According to the 2008 World Bank survey, New Zealand is the number two country of ease for doing business and comes only second to Singapore. International companies continue to operate and trade successfully from their base in NZ So why not consider coming to work and live here? With beautiful landscape, friendly people, an excellent education system and a strong economic performance, why not invest here?

Overseas investments in local businesses are encouraged and establishing a new business is welcomed too. The economy in the South Island is booming, that even businesses from the North Island are considering expanding here. If you want more information on doing business in NZ, visit here.

Surfing and Adventure SouthIsland.

Good skiing, too The south island is the largest of all the islands, yet it has about half the population of the north island. new Zealand is the undisputed center for adventure tourism and South Island is the epi centre of that and Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world!

The southern Alps are beautiful and offer some world-class skiing. Local surfers are a friendly bunch, so a laid-back, mellow attitude will make your surf trip much more pleasant.

The seasons here are reversed from what the United States experiences in the northern hemisphere. The best time to check out New Zealand is during the U.S. springtime. The water is warmest and surf is most consistent at this time. During the peak of winter, water temps can drop into the 40s for some locations. The east coast is more extreme, with summer highs hitting 100 degrees and winters dropping below freezing.

Shortboards are adequate for most surf conditions on the south island. Because of the variation in water temps, bring both a spring suit and fullsuit. This is a wise idea even during the summer months. There are lots of surf shops in the city areas, but gear is expensive here. Bring extra wax, fins, etc.

There are sharks and some other sketchy critters in the area, so ask around about where and when not to surf. This will also help you make some friends and lead you to the better surf spots. Theft is an increasing problem on the island as well. Keep valuables out of sight and in a locked car. You might be better off just not even bringing them.